The Essential Investment.

I’m 100% sure about the copper supercycle… You can’t move to a green economic environment and not have the copper price moving significantly higher.”

Kostas Bintas, Head of Copper Trading for Trafigura


The Essential Metal.

The world can’t function without copper.
No copper? No electricity. No cars. No computers or phones. No internet. No social media. No Bitcoin. No economy.

The Revolution has Begun.

Now there’s a new copper imperative—the transition from fossil fuels. Decelerating climate change, the EV revolution, infrastructure, technology. None of it happens without copper.

Not enough new mines are coming online to meet future copper demand
Recycling contributes very little to the shortage.
Copper is crucial for the transition to green energy.

But there’s a problem. A big one. Copper demand is outstripping supply.

An Emerging


We must find more copper and other critical metals to secure our future. So let’s get it right.  Tasmania, Australia is an excellent jurisdiction to source these critical metals responsibly.


Starts Here

CopperCorp is spearheading a responsible and sustainable exploration initiative, capitalizing on a ground-floor opportunity within the exceptional mining jurisdiction of Tasmania, Australia.

Tasmania, a region powered entirely by renewable energy, serves as an inspiring model for environmental consciousness. Embracing the mining industry, the region prioritizes a governance framework that empowers its citizens, communities, and natural surroundings to source critical metals in a responsible manner.

Critical Metals Exploration Starts Here