Our Value Proposition and Competitive Advantage

We own two district-scale opportunities rich in potential for IOCG (Iron Oxide Copper Gold) mineralization, source of some of the world’s largest and most successful mines.

Our assets are located in western Tasmania, which hosts some of Australia’s best mining opportunities.

Copper is the world’s most important metal with diverse, essential uses growing in scope for a new era in technology, infrastructure and world development.

Copper demand is rapidly outstripping supply, and we may be entering a copper supercycle.

Our management team brings together some of the world’s top exploration, mining and financial talent.

We founded CopperCorp on a mandate to explore progressively, ethically and responsibly.

This is a ground-floor opportunity with a tight share structure and affordable entry point, backed by some of the industry’s most successful venture capitalists.

We are committed to generating wealth for shareholders–the owners of this business.

Australia represents one of the world’s most responsible, stable and best managed jurisdictions for mineral exploration.

Tasmania is powered 100% by renewable energy and no water stress issues